Recovering from Brutal Mormon Roadtrip

If I had time and wanted to help you feel satisfied with your station in life, I would tell you about my fifteen-hour roadtrip to Salt Lake City.  Last week, I rode 15 hours each direction with four children under the age of eight in order to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding in the Salt Lake Temple.  While the wedding and related events were highly enjoyable, I’m still in a state of shock from what I experienced on the road.  Both during the long, grueling day on which we drove 1,000 miles south, and the long, grueling day on which we drove 1,000 miles north, some of my young children were suffering from diarrhea.  Enough said.

Five days later, I’m still recovering and haven’t had a chance to finish any of the posts I’m working on, so today I’m referring you to another of my favorite blogs,  Josh Weed is a therapist and blogger who is Mormon.  He’s been married for ten years and has three little girls.  A few months ago, he and his wife decided it was time for him to come out of the closet so he could be more authentic with his family, friends and readers.  He published a post about his sexual orientation, which attracted way more attention than he dreamed it would and led to appearances on several talk and radio shows. 

Josh Weed has never practiced homosexuality, but has, since he was very young, felt sexually attracted to men, not women.  However, because of his faith, non-judgmental support from family and close friends, and because of his desire to have a biological family, he chose not to pursue his homosexual instincts and instead to marry his best friend, a woman.  

Not only is his story interesting and inspiring, Josh Weed is a good writer.  He’s witty, funny, insightful and incredibly honest and open.  I’ve never seen another writer share his experiences and feelings with such transparency.

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