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A few months ago, just after I wrote my post about preserving traditional marriage in order to protect children’s rights, I googled “Mormon blogs gay marriage” to see what other Mormon bloggers were saying about the issue.  I found the writings of James Goldberg, a graduate student at Brigham Young University in Provo.  His series about gay marriage is extremely insightful, and when I came to the part where he compares heterosexual marriage to breastfeeding, just as I did in my first post about gay marriage, I felt for a moment like I’d discovered a long-lost brother.  

I finished reading the gay marriage series and kept on going, coming across a post in which he discusses one of my favorite quotes.  I have thought for some time that if I should ever write the novel that’s in my head, I would put this particular quote at the beginning.  And so the deal was sealed.  James Goldberg is my e-BFF.

I’m not easily impressed, but this guy is an exceptional writer.  All of his posts are interesting, profound and considerate.  Plus he has time for research.  Take, for example, this post.  It’s exactly what I have tried to think before!  Or this post or this post or this post or this post

Bravo Brother Goldberg!  I’m putting aside my jealousy to be your best fan!

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